Spice Clips Kitchen Organizer 20 hooks (4pcs x5)


  • Space saving system for spice bottles or any similar-sized container. 
  • It allows you to clip and store spice bottles with ease. 
  • Will allow you to gain space in any cabinet and will turn your messy pantry into an organized one. 
  • You can organize different-sized spice bottles and you can read the labels fast and easy save your time from rummaging through them.
  • Easy to install and use, they maximize space efficiency by putting unused vertical surfaces to work, and keep spices conveniently at your fingertips. Mounted on a wall near your prep area or inside a cabinet, all labels are easy to see and grab.
  • When you need them, releasing is easy.


Color: White
Material: Plastic (PP)


Note: Please allow 21-45 days of shipping time for the delivery of your item.

Collections: Kitchen

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