RapidMount - Smartphones On Handle Bars In Seconds

We Just Created The Easiest And Strongest Handle Bar Mount EVER!

Now you can instantly and securely attach and detach your smartphone onto any bike. Takes only 2 seconds, its super easy! Forget other bulky tools or hardware. Just Wrap. Loop. And Ride. 


35% OFF + FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING, for limited time only!

RapidMount’s iron grip keeps your phone super sturdy and secure. Ride in the city, the trails, or the rugged mountains without worry! Watch the insane video below for examples.

One may ask "How exactly can the RapidMount be solid as a rock and fit in the palm of your hand?" The secret lies in our NEW Knot System. We strategically placed slits that maximize both leverage and tension. This makes wobble almost non-existent. Then we use 100% isotope silicon, not regular silicon. This cutting edge material gives bike riders superior durability.

So now all you have to do is Wrap, Loop, And Ride. No more dangerously navigating with one hand. RapidMount gives you easy access to your phone and doesn’t even block the screen. 

*Note: if an error message prompted after you've added the item to cart, then the item is most probably Sold Out. Check back next year when our next shipment arrives -- Summer 2017.


Material: 100% Silicon (isotopic)

Applicable: Fits ANY Handle Bars, and ALL types of Phones

Color: White, Black

Maximum Portability. Fits right in your pockets, and is virtually invisible.

Watch Video Here:


*Due to popular demand in this holiday season, Please allow 21-45 days of shipping time for the delivery of your item.



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