PupProtector Car Seat Cover

Take your dog in the car without any water, dirt or hair left behind and protect your seats from any scratching damage!  The PupProtector Car Seat Cover is 54 inches by 59 inches, designed to universally fit any standard vehicle. The cover is equipped with seat belt openings, straps to fit head rests and a rubber non-slip backing.  It is made from a high quality water proof polyester which will stand up to scratching, protecting your seats from any damage.  Our cover is a breeze to install, simply snap the buckle straps around the head rests and you're ready to go!  

  • The PupProtector Car Seat Cover fits all standard cars with dimensions: 58 inches x 54 inches
  • Equipped with seat belt opening to use your back seat belts and any attachments as usual


Note: Please allow 21-45 days of shipping time for the delivery of your item.

Collections: Animal Lover

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