NEO Magnetic Ball - Extremely Addicting Toy - 216pcs 5mm Super Magnets

The Amazing Magnetic Toy You Can't Put Down! 


UPDATE: Please note that due to going viral, we are currently swamped with orders.  To make sure you don't miss out on the next shipment, we highly you submit your order today, so it can ship before the end of December 2016.  Thank you for your patience!


Prepare yourself to be insanely addicted.

Because you are not getting magnets. You are getting a door.

A rare door leading back to a universe of curiosity and inspiration. Now you can instantly take a vacation from your desk whenever you need, from your ringing phone and the relentless pings of your email, from your stressful family environment or crying kids.

See you’re not buying magnets. You are actually buying one of the most precious Windows that everyone wants. It is a Window to the long forgotten childhood wonder that we once had for the world around us. And “there is no life I know than to compare with pure imagination." Because it is here, in this exclusive state of mind, that you too will find your true path once again.

So I’d like for you to remember The Wonder of childhood bliss. Help me, help you remember.


Note: Please allow 20-45 days of shipping time for the delivery of your item.

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