CarMag - Car Magnetic Phone Holder

The Secret to An Amazing Driving Experience!

Our CarMag Magnetic Phone Mount lets you mount your phone to the air vents on your car magnetically.  When you use CarMag, you will be addicted the NEW Amazing Driving Experience that you NEVER knew existed before. By simply lifting a finger or taking a quick look, you have complete control of the destination you are driving to (using your phone as GPS), video chat with friends, deal with urgent text messages, and much much more... 

The SECRET lies with the FOUR specially designed built-in military grade magnets that let your CarMag form a perfect bond with your iPhone and keep your phone extremely sturdy and stable while car is in motion. We use special rubberized material that is completely scratch- free and let CarMag stick onto air vent with zero adhesive residue.

Each CarMag is specially engineered to provide true Universal Fit, you can attach your phone to CarMag with or without a case and it easily holds your phone at any angle with incredible stability.

Please note that if you try to add them to your cart and get an error message, that means they've already Sold Out, so you can check back in February of 2017 when our second manufacturing round will arrive.


Note: Please allow 21-45 days of shipping time for the delivery of your item.




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