Automatic Water Dripping Device Houseplant Flower Gardening (2pcs)

Material: PP+Ceramics


1. Put the earthen part of the product into the water soak for 10 minutes.

2. Prepare a water containers filled with water (a narrow bottle, such as mineral water bottles).

3. To make sure the ceramic part filled with water.

4. Then it will automatically bring water into the other end of the container, to the plants.

5. Make sure the pottery pieces filled with water, because the green plastic cover tightly with the pottery pieces.


1. In order to watering better, put the bottle watering device level below the high end of the green plastic cover.

2. Please note the demand of each plants and pots size,and uses the appropriate pieces of watering devices.

3. If failure to water your plants, please repeat the above operation steps.

4. After months of using, the ceramic piece parts need to be cleaned so as not to affect the effect of continue using.


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